BasketballGAN: Generating Basketball Play Simulation Through Sketching

Hsin-Ying Hsieh, Chieh-Yu Chen, Yu-Shuen Wang, Jung-Hong Chuang

ACM Multimedia 2019



We present a data-driven basketball set play simulation. Given an offensive set play sketch, our method simulates potential scenarios that may occur in the game. The simulation provides coaches and players with insights on how a given set play can be executed. To achieve the goal, we train a conditional adversarial network on NBA movement data to imitate the behaviors of how players move around the court through two major components: a generator that learns to generate natural player movements based on a latent noise and a user sketched set play; and a discriminator that is used to evaluate the realism of the basketball play.To improve the quality of simulation, we minimize 1.) a dribbler loss to prevent the ball from drifting away from the dribbler; 2.) a defender loss to prevent the dribbler from not being defended; 3.) a ball passing loss to ensure the straightness of passing trajectories; and 4) an acceleration loss to minimize unnecessary players’ movements. To evaluate our system, we objectively compared real and simulated basketball set plays. Besides, a subjective test was conducted to judge whether a set play was real or generated by our network. On average, the mean correct rates to the binary tests were 56.17 %. Experiment results and the evaluations demonstrated the effectiveness of our system.